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Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Democratic Party - Dumb and Dumber

It keeps getting funnier every day. The Democrats, the party of the Three Stooges and Laurel and Hardy, now are seriously considering changing the rules in the middle of the game. That's because the Clintons are losing and the Clintons care only about the Clintons, not the Democratic Party.
Howard Dean, the head man, is preparing to give another of his infamous screams just after saying the delegates from Michigan and Florida will be seated at the national convention. Or maybe saying they'll hold a second primary in each of those states. The first ones were held earlier than everyone agreed - including Michigan and Florida - so the delegates won't be seated. Or wouldn't have been. Or may be.
Only Hillary Clinton put her name on the ballot in Michigan. Only Hillary Clinton showed up in both states although she wasn't campaigning. Or so she says.
I voted for Bill Clinton. Twice. I liked him through thick and thin. I thought his wife was just fine. No more, not that I see them now in their true colors. Unscrupulous, that's the kindest word I can think of to describe them. To think that Orrin Hatch and his heartless buddies were right all along. It irritates me knowing that for much of my life I supported Democrats, but that was before the party became a bad joke.
Then there are the super delegates. They are political bigwigs, the backroom boys and girls, who can ignore the votes of the people and pick their own winner. That seems to go along with recent policies that saw the popular vote ignored and the Supreme Court halt the recounting of votes. That was followed by a rigged outcome in Cleveland. The fact is, the whole political process has become a farce.
But I digress. It becomes increasingly likely that the Democratic Party will become so divided this year that the guaranteed winner in November will be a hot-headed old man long past his prime. Is this a great system or what?
It also is likely the party will never recover, and it shouldn't. The honest, intelligent Democrats, assuming they exist, should break away from the fiasco right now and form a new party. The one they are in seems doomed. Will it happen? In a pig's eye.


Blogger STAG said...

It might be instructive (or not) to read Washington's Farewell Address. He created all the "super delegates" and "electoral colleges" because he detested political parties of all kinds.
Since the natural state of a democratic government is to fall into parties (a gang up works every time...) the system he set up has become abused and it doesn't work as well as he thought it would. I dunno, I'd ask Mr. Gore if it works....grin!
Least ways you get to vote for the one in charge, us Canucks can't do that.
Personally, I hold with Mr. Twain's responce upon being asked about the US electoral system...."it is a terrible way to elect a government, the only thing worse is every other way."

You might find this version of Mr. Washington's address a little easier to read.

An excerpt in modern language....

--------This division (into parties) distracts us, enfeebles the government, it gets everyone riled up with jealousy and false alarms, it pits us against each other, and eventually creates riots and stuff. It also opens the door to other countries getting a hand in our system, since they can reach in through the party structure, and then we just become their puppets.


So what do you think of Mr. McCain? I thought an ole sojer like you would like him. His time in the Hanoi Hilton is full of amazing stories of effective leadership. But then, I only read stories written by HIM.

11:45 AM  

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