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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Kindness, Stupidity and bye-bye Mitt

This morning when I laid an envelope on Jackie's desk so she could take it downstairs to the mailbox near the lobby I said, "This goes to a man who asked me to sign a bookplate. Does anyone ever ask you for your autograph?"
She just stared straight ahead for a minute before saying, "You're a natural born antagonist, aren't you?"
I denied it, of course. Later in the day after she had fixed lunch and finished up doing the laundry she handed me a catalog. "I want that last DVD, the one about dealing with antagonistic and annoying people."
I assured her she didn't need it and said, "You're really not that annoying."
When the temporary occupant of the White House went on television Wednesday morning to comment on the tornadoes that killed 52 people he began by saying, "It was a bad storm."
My God, but the man is profound.
The good news is that it still is not possible to buy the White House. Romney, the man who spent $35 million of his own money in an attempt to do just that, bowed out of the race today. He expounded on his noble motives for doing so but the truth is he took a real back-of-the-barn licking.
Most people just plain didn't like the guy. He came across as the big boss sitting upstairs on mahogany row smoking a fat cigar while the rest of us were sweating down on the assembly line. That hair, those expensive suits and snow white shirts were a bit too much to stomach.
Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and the other far right folks who pollute the radio waves did all they could to knock McCain out of the race. They failed as badly as their boy Romney. There's a lot of teeth gnashing going on, and has been for a while. Wonder what they'll be ranting about now?
The fun of listening to the candidates squabling like little boys is over. No more boasting, "My dad is tougher than your dad," only they were saying, "I'm more conservative than you are." When that didn't do the trick, Romney accused the front runner of being a liberal, as if that's a capital offense. It may be to Rush and his ilk, of course.
As for most of us, we'll be saying, "So long, Mitt, it hasn't been good to know you."


Blogger STAG said...

I dunno, I am a Canadian, and find that politics in the US is a bit like sleeping beside an elephant....

it won't really matter whether he flops over to the left or the right, either way, I gotta step lively.

12:14 AM  

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