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Monday, February 04, 2008

My Record Remains Intact

Well, I did it again. Read a book through much of the Super Bowl and watched a rerun of The Closer for the rest of it. That means my record of not having seen one since 1967 stays perfect.
I think it was 1967 when Joe Namath boasted that his team, whatever it was, would win when all the experts said the other team, whatever it was, would come out on top. I tuned in to see who was correct and the fellow from Beaver Falls turned out to be right. When it finally ended after dozens of commercials and other equally boring events I swore that never again would I make that mistake. True to my word, I haven't.
In my opinion, for whatever it's worth, there is no excuse for professional football even existing. People get all excited because a bunch of overpaid fat guys and a few prima donnas from every part of the country happen to be wearing uniforms bearing the name of the city in which they reside. These are not the fellows who live down the street or over in the next block, they are hired mercenaries. They go to the top bidder, not to the city they love above all others, and yet people seem to care.
Does anyone remember who won the Super Bore in 2002? How about 1976? All that glory for the old hometown, where did it end up? In some musty old record book, that's where. A book no one but sportswriters ever look at.
So that's one man's opinion. Go ahead, call me unpatriotic. Call me a tea drinking vegetarian who should be taken out and horsewhipped, see if I care. I'll bet I'll remember that story I read long after everyone forgets who won the Super Bore. By the way, who did win? For that matter, who was playing? Who won the big game in 1994? Today's heroes, tomorrow's forgotten men. Except for Joe Namath, of course.


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