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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Did someone say change?

Well, it looks more and more like Americans will get to choose between a third term for George W. Bush or a third term for Bill Clinton. Once again it has been demonstrated that the dumbing down of America is alive and well.
The watchword of late has been "change." People express a deep and abiding yearning for it. To prove this is what they want, folks headed for the polls in vast numbers yesterday to vote for a pair of Washington insiders, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. The latter, who marches in lockstep with Bush, will pose beside that deep thinker today as he accepts his endorsement.
It was here in Ohio, though, that voters showed the world why we so often hear the phrase "brain drain," meaning those who have one head for New York or Chicago. For years the speedy decline of this state until little remains to boast about has been blamed on NAFTA. The infamous treaty has stripped Ohio of it's industry, or so they say. Yesterday Ohioans showed this has not been idle chitchat by voting for the wife of the man who crafted NAFTA. Yes, this is truly a gathering place for the intelligentsia.
It indeed looks like come November the people of America will get to choose which Washington insider will bring about the change they hope for during the next four years. Will it be the woman with the hysterical laugh who screeches about her previous eight years as resident of the White House or a gray-haired old man who speaks in a monotone guaranteed to cure insomnia? Time will tell, unless Americans take complete leave of their senses and elect Ralph Nader. On the other hand . . .
I once was reprimanded by an editor for writing a piece that said by not voting people are actually casting a ballot against the system. It wasn't something you'd say to a civics class, he told me. He was wrong, it is something I'd say to a civics class. My point, once again, has been proven by voters.


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