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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Can Spring be far behind?

I can't say spring has sprung around here, but the signs of it are showing up. The problem with that is we haven't yet had winter. Oh, there's been a few times when we had an inch or two of snow, even a bit more on a couple of occasions, but for this area there should be a minimum of fifty during the season. At most we've had a total of fifteen.
They've had winter to the east, west and south of us and a touch of it to the north. It's hard to be sure about the north because traveling thirty miles in that direction means you're in Lake Erie and most of the lake is in Canada. We've been warned on several occasions that a big storm was headed our way from the west or the south and we've been told a couple of nor'easters were bound in our direction. When the time has come we've seen more sunshine than snowflakes.
So this morning we drove a couple of miles to Falls General Hospital for the shot I get once a month. Unfortunately it's a shot from a needle, not the kind that comes in a glass. After that we always walk a short way down the hall to the cafeteria for lunch. Today I had shortribs, curly fries and carrot cake while Jackie had chicken florentine, rice and peanut butter cream pie. Not that lunch has anything to do with the subject but it seems worth mentioning.
When we walked out of the cafeteria we had a good view of a courtyard where Jackie pointed to the crocuses pushing up from the ground. These, she told me, are the first flowers of spring. Then resting on a tree limb we saw our first robin of the year. Jackie said it was a female robin so I took her word for it.
A little later while driving home we saw four more robins together on the ground. These, said Jackie, were males because they were behaving badly. Again I took her word for it because determining the sex of robins seen from a distance is outside my field of expertise.
So there you have it. March arrives a week from Saturday and everybody who isn't taken in by that solstice nonsense knows March, April and May are spring. June, July and August are summer and so on. That means spring may not yet have sprung but it's at the starting gate ready for the gun to fire.


Blogger Bill said...

Crocuses! Ha! I am looking at ten feet of snow outside my window! Like to see a darned crocus climb through that!

10:15 AM  

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