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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pathetic, Isn't It?

What a week this has been and here it is only Tuesday!
First came the disgusting display of NFL quarterback Michael Vick admitting to having played a leading role in a dogfighting operation on his Virginia property. Then he admitted lying to the NFL commissioner, the owner of his team and just about everyone else. Next he asked for forgiveness and then put a capper on everything by uttering the time-tested words of countless criminals: "I've found Jesus."
If he ever plays another game in the NFL it will prove it lives up to the name many already call it, the National Felons League.
Before there was time to digest that miserable bit of theatrical bull, Idaho Senator Larry Craig admitted to pleading guilty to an incident in a Minneapolis men's restroom. It doesn't take much imagination to visualize the incident. This happened five months ago but he didn't tell his wife, he didn't tell the leaders of his political party, he didn't tell anyone. Then a newspaper dug up the facts and printed the story. So who does Craig blame? The newspaper.
But that's small-change stuff compared to the President of the United States warning of a possible nuclear holocaust. That's worse than pathetic. Playing the fright game is not only dangerous, it's despicable. The faint of heart take such talk seriously and sometimes irresponsible statements become self-fulfilling prophecies.
When I was born, Calvin Coolidge occupied the White House. He hardly ranks among our great presidents, but they called him Silent Cal because he had enough sense to keep his mouth shut most of the time. Any chance that we might have a Silent George for the next seventeen months? About as much chance as anyone has of winning the powerball lottery.
This man who sees himself as a Texas cowboy in the 1860s is truly dangerous. I'd rate him the second most dangerous to come along during my 82 years on earth. Adolph Hitler is a clear winner of first place. With a loose-lipped man who ducked out of the fighting in Vietnam in charge, this country is in real peril for the next seventeen months. It shouldn't be this way and that makes the situation more than pathetic.
I've been offered the opportunity to receive a weekly newsletter from Newt Gingrich. From who . . . Newt Gingrich? Puh-leeze! A man can take only so much and I've already gone over my quota for the week. And as I said, it's only Tuesday.


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