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Friday, August 17, 2007

Out of Action

Thanks to a problem with the internet provider I've been out of blogger action this week and will continue to be so until Roadrunner is installed on August 29.

I will add that thanks to being too slow to hit the mute button on the TV remote I heard that some new quarterback for the Cleveland Browns is charging from $175 to $215 for an autograph. That could be because he just signed a contract for $20 million but may be a little short on pocket change.
This fellow has never played in an NFL game. That is something we have in common because I have never played in an NFL game. That being the case, I feel he is charging too much for an autograph so I will be more realistic and you can have one of mine for a measly fifty bucks. The line forms at the right. Don't get pushy or try to crowd ahead because I will continue to sign until everyone is satisfied.


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