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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Is it OK for a man my age to have 250 bags?

I don't believe a person should carry things to the extreme. It says something about your state of mind. Something bad, probably. I once had 14 new toothbrushes and that seemed excessive. I sometimes have a dozen 16-ounce packets of pipe tobacco on hand. That could be excessive. Now I have 250 bags of Twining's Irish Breakfast Tea in reserve. Does that seem a few too many? A bit excessive, perhaps?
None of this is my fault, of course. There was a time when I didn't have even one toothbrush and I didn't want to be caught short again. There is always the possibility that natural cavendish pipe tobacco will become unavailable so I like to keep some on hand. There are times when the grocery is out of Irish Breakfast Tea and that would qualify as catastrophic. A prudent man prepares for such eventualities.
So, being down to 12 or 14 teabags, I ordered 240 more from Amazon. The price was quite good, better than the grocery store's. Now I have 250 and shouldn't run short.
I use each teabag twice. That means I am set for 500 days. There are people, I'm sure, who think a man only two weeks shy of his 82nd birthday shouldn't be thinking about being around for 500 more days. Actually I don't, but there's always the possibility. So I'm prepared.
All this came about because they were going to slap an additional tax on cigarettes to pay for a new stadium. A stadium in which you cannot smoke. Even before that the price was too high so I quit buying cigarettes and now smoke only my pipes. I have 185 of them, a number some people might consider excessive. It isn't.
The point is this: for 60 years my breakfast consisted of a cup of black coffee and a cigarette or two. Coffee tastes awful and the cigarettes took care of that problem. But without cigarettes I had to give up coffee, which tastes awful. So I switched to Twining's Irish Breakfast Tea. It's strong and tastes good, something you'd expect from the Irish. And I'm set for 500 more days. By then the country will have elected a new president and with that to look forward to a man has good reason to stick around for a while longer and use up all those bags.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are probably stuck with us for a lot longer than 500 more days. Unfortunately, I doubt that anyone running for president is going to have good reason.

12:58 AM  

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