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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Things Don't Always Turn Out Quite as Expected

Fusion seems to be the hot word in marketing and advertising today. There's some kind of soft drink with that name as well as a gum, or maybe candy, called Fusion. Gilette now has a Fusion razor and blades. Ford has a Fusion car.
Most people don't think of razors and automobiles at the same moment, but the next time you see a TV commercial for Ford's Fusion, take a look at the grille. It looks for all the world like Gillette Fusion razor blades.
* * *
When Chicago's historic radio station, WLS, had its formal dedication on the evening of April 12, 1924 it brought in renowned actress Ethyl Barrymore to say the first words. The idea was to get off on the right foot with a dignified introduction. However, when she saw the large, round microphone they used when radio was in its infancy, Ethyl was horrified. Not realizing the mike was "live," she cried, "Turn that damned thing off!"
So with those words was a great radio station first heard by the listening audience.
The call letters, by the way, stand for World's Largest Store. That's because at the beginning it was owned by Sears-Roebuck
That's the kind of stuff you learn when you're doing research for a book.
* * *
Another radio blunder was committed by Alan Freed, known as the father of rock 'n' roll. That in itself was a blunder in the eyes of many.
Back in 1946, which was long before Freed gained fame on the air in New York, he was an announcer for station WAKR in Akron. In those days an announcer had all kinds of assignments so when Akron North High reached the final game of the state basketball tournament it was Freed who did the play-by-play.
The finals were played in Toledo that year. When game time approached an announcer back in Akron said, "Now we take you to Toledo for the championship game of the state basketball tournament."
The next words came from Freed in Toledo: "Boy, do I ever have to piss."
There was a brief pause, then the announcer in Akron said, "Now we take you to Toledo for the championship game of the state basketball tournament." Said it with a straight face, too.


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