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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Smell of a Good Man

When did it become OK for a man to wear perfume? They must have sneaked that one past me when my back was turned. Even the overpowering smell of perfume on a woman can sometimes be enough to gag a maggot, but on a man . . .?
Not the men I have known and I've known a fair number of them over the years. At times nearly every one of them emitted a manly smell. Sometimes a bit more of it than those nearby would prefer. Not one of them found it necessary to add a little manly fragrance to what nature had provided.
Times have changed, though. Now there are at least three TV commercials hawking manly fragrances. The fellow on one of them doesn't look all that manly but that's beside the point. On the second one, young women go completely bananas and leap all over the guy who just squirted a manly fragrance on himself. Then there's another in which a woman attempting to look sexy keeps moving forward until she's almost popping out of the screen. At that point she says something like, "I don't want to smell you until I'm this close."
Truth be told, most of us don't want to smell whoever she's talking to at all. Have you ever been on an elevator with someone who has doused a manly frangrance on himself? In my opinion Webster must have changed the definition of manly if that's what it smells like.
Well, I guess it's OK if a guy wants to give the impression that he just stepped out of a Parisian cat house. Personally I prefer the good old aroma of a locker room or a gym bag whose contents haven't been to the laundry for a while. Those are manly smells.
* * *
Boy, do these guys ever need help! Not the kind that comes out of a bottle or a spray can, the kind Kojak or even Monk have up in their heads. The following item ran in the Cuyahoga Falls News-Press. "June 11 - WOMAN REPORTS ASSAULT: A Stow woman reported that a man she knows placed his hand under her skirt and grabbed her inner thigh while riding in her car at Cook Street and Portage Trail between 11 and 11:30 p.m. The man then exited her vehicle and left on foot. Police reported no suspects."
Do you suppose anyone thought to ask her the man's name? The Cuyahoga Falls Police Department in action - always vigilant, always hot in pursuit of desperate criminals and guys with roving hands. They do occasionally arrest a 17-year-old with a cigarette in his mouth, of course. A lieutenant, however, once said arresting someone driving 41 miles an hour in a 35 zone where children are playing, "wouldn't be fair." To whom, the kids or the driver?


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