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Friday, June 08, 2007

Whatever Happened to Good News Judgment?

OK, this is it. I've had it up to the ears with Paris Hilton. The noon news on CNN was about little else despite the fact that something must be happening in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world. What person with an ounce of brains upstairs gives a hoot about this hard-eyed, spoiled rich kid?
Mitch Albom had a great column about her recently. He asked what she had ever done and the answer was nothing. As he put it, she hasn't done a thing, she just is. He's right, that's the sad part of the whole story. Make that non-story. But shouldn't a person, any person at all, be known for something more than that she just is? Shouldn't you be able to say she bakes a good chocolate cake or he works hard building tires every day or the kid scored an 85 on a math test? But Paris Hilton just is. And yet a lot of people are ga-ga over her. Somebody please tell me why.
Despite the judge's orders the sheriff in La-La Land let her out of jail, supposedly because she was sick. She'd been pressing the medical call button and crying all night. Probably owing to a severe overdose of pampering.
The truly sad part of all this is that in a month or two she will receive a million dollar advance for a book about her pain and suffering. A few million copies will be sold and then the book will be made into a movie and all the people who can't read will be able to share her agony.
So like I said, I've had it.
* * *
General Peter Pace has resigned. Isn't that an awful name for a general? Sounds like a character in a Broadway fantasy. On top of that he looks like a shoe salesman, not a general. He speaks in a hushed monotone that couldn't be heard on a parade ground and he sometimes sounds like a far-right bigot. I wouldn't want to follow him into battle. I'm glad he's gone.
* * *
I've also had it with Danica Patrick, who masquerades as a race car driver. She won't challenge the big guys on the track and she's constantly involved in minor accidents that she claims are someone else's fault. She topped off her performances last Sunday by confronting Dan Wheldon and actually poking him with a finger as he turned to walk away. The other women drivers, Sarah Fisher and Milka Duno, should take her aside and give her a lesson in ladylike behavior and the need to stop whining and pouting. Neither of them act that way, only Danica, who comes across as wanting to be a celebrity more than a race car driver. She'd fit in better at NASCAR or a fashion show. Or at a party with Paris Hilton.
* * *
Those of us who are sick and tired of being told to Press 1 for English aren't saddened over the delay in the Senate passing an amnesty bill for illegal aliens. That's probably all it is, a delay. Funny, isn't it, that German immigrants never demand that you Press 3 for German and Italians never ask for a Press 4 for Italian option. Nor did any of those from dozens of other countries. So why do Hispanics deserve special treatment? Those who have come here the right way learned English. Aren't those who have sneaked across the border smart enough to do so? One thing is certain, they'll never get anywhere in this country until they learn the language that has been just fine for everyone else since the day the Pilgrims landed.
And so ends the rant for today.



Blogger Mimi said...

I agree with you about the press and Paris Hilton, Dick. One of my abiding frustrations as a reporter has been the sheep mentality of editors. If one "media outlet" has it, the others must, too.

I notice you use the same blog template that I do.

By the way, I am the newspaper reporter you e-mailed earlier today about the 4th Division's entrance into Paris. I took your advice and ordered a copy of "Is Paris Burning." I am pretty sure my mother would enjoy reading your own account of the 4th Division.

9:38 PM  

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