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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

All's Well in Our Politically Correct World

If you're even close to being as old as I am you will remember back to a time when people were happy with their live-and-let-live way of life. No more. Now people don't have enough to do (they claim otherwise, of course) so nearly everyone has an agenda or a cause not worth fighting for. It all boils down to this: "Live the way I do or get off the world."
It's gotten so bad that now you can't even walk into the Blue Parrot restaurant in Louisville, Colo. and order a wopburger. A couple of immigrants right off the boat from Italy opened the Blue Parrot in 1919 and ever since then you could enjoy a wopburger. That's 88 years. The many Italians in the little mining town thought that was just great.
Recently a fellow from back east named James Gambino - a name familiar to all those interested in organized crime - came to town and was downright shocked. He complained to the National Italian American Foundation and they complained to everybody and then Gambino complained to the local school district that bought stuff from the Blue Parrot and now the wopburger is gone forever. Chalk up a victory for political correctness, chalk up a loss for individuality.
Back in the nation's capital where you never could enjoy a wopburger the gutless Democrats caved in as expected and let the Decider have his way on Iraq War funding. Never mind that the people elected them to do otherwise. Guess it still isn't politically correct for Congress to go along with the will of the people.
To be fair about it, though, maybe the gutless Democrats were too busy trying to give away the country to illegal aliens from Mexico to spend time thinking about Iraq. That goes right back to considering the will of the people, but who cares? Not many people in Washington, obviously.
So for those who have no use for the gutless Democrats and the heartless Republicans, what's left? Not much. A CNN poll this week found that Americans who consider themselves independents far exceed those who favor one of the two major political parties. But who can they vote for other than one of the two? Ralph Nader? Get serious. So to dust off an old saw from back in the olden days, ask them if they'd rather be shot or be hung. That's about what it amounts to in politics.
And then they wonder why so few people bother to vote.
In Indiana the legislature is allowing horse racing tracks to have slot machines. Private clubs can sell pull tabs and tip boards. Taverns can't have any of these. Taverns employ far more people and supply far more revenue to the state but their future is shaky because of this. Makes sense, does it?
In Ireland an average of one pub per day is going out of business because of no-smoking laws and what they call drink-drive laws. Meanwhile in the Middle East . . . well, it's best not to even think about that.
Live and let live, where have you gone?
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