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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

He who turns and runs away - but I just can't do it

Darn it, I've been fighting again. You'd think that by the time a man gets to be my age he'd know better. It must have something to do with not being able to teach old dogs new tricks. In other words, it's not my fault.
Actually it wasn't my fault. It happened on the PublishAmerica message board where a few people love to put others down with snide remarks and personal attacks of the worst sort. I try to ignore those people but at times it's impossible unless you are the type to turn and run away. That's just not my style.
What happened was this: several nice people responded to a question someone asked and were immediately cut to pieces by what I'll call the Gang of Three. So I jumped to their defense and very calmly - no kidding, I was very restrained - explained why such tactics are wrong. A couple of mild attacks were the result, but nothing worth responding to. I was just showing what a restrained gentleman I could be, something like that. You know, turn the other cheek and that sort of nonsense.
Well, this morning the worst of the Gang of Three, an 80-year-old woman, shot back with both barrels. Here's what she had to say, misspellings and all:
Hey guys I think we finally got rid of all the whynners!and as Martha would have said.." That's a very good thing!" Personally I think they should start their own threads-- but like the Al Kaidas they prefer to just hit and run..Starting a thread means taking a chance no one will answer you-- Rudy, as my kids like to say"Ma.. you are sooo bad!" I know Bad Pier xoxoxoxo_________________Pierrette
Here was my response:
And the long knives come out again. A number of people have been banned from this board for far less than the previous post. Why do some continue to get away with it? But sorry, I've never run when being attacked.
Well, she shot back with the following because I had previously ignored a call for me to name the culprits and say where they did it, etc. Being a restrained gentleman again, sort of.
I just love a man with a sense of humor! But Rudy he never did answer your " how, when, where,?" as a good reporter should do! non? _________________Pierrette
Naturally I fired back with this:
OK, how about:
Who: You above all others.
What: Vicious attacks.
Where: Right here.
When: Now.
How: With snide remarks and personal insults in the guise of being cute and feeling assured that while others can't get away with it, you can.
So was I wrong? I don't think so. As my antagonist seems to have real power on that PublishAmerica board they may ban me for not letting her get away with her viciousness. But you know something - frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. As I said, backing down just ain't my style.


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