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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Will the Fun Never Cease?

Far be it from me to complain but it seems there should be a limit to the amount of joy that should descend upon a man during the course of two or three days. It began when I decided to switch from dial-up to DSL for the internet. Making the switch, the literature assured me, would take 10 minutes of my time. That seemed reasonable enough.
Four hours later I untangled myself from a maze of wires, uttered a few words and phrases that will not be repeated here, and went out to the kitchen.
Jackie was taking something from the microwave when I arrived. Sparks and flames shot out from it and the microwave, a mere 20 years of age, had gone belly up. They don't make stuff like they used to.
After consoling Jackie I returned to the computer and worked another three hours trying to complete that 10 minute job. It still wouldn't work so I decided to take a nap rather than commiting murder, or at least taking a hammer to the computer.
An hour later I returned. The DSL - and who knows or even cares what those letters stand for - was working perfectly. I have to say it was a huge improvement over the old dial-up.
The next morning it wouldn't come on. That's not completely true because it did - after sitting alone and ignored for nearly four hours.
Then the next day we set out to check on a new microwave. The car moved a couple of feet, made a strange sound and the left front tire went flat. An hour later the tow truck from AAA showed up and the man changed the tire. The car moved a couple of feet, made a strange sound and the same tire went flat.
The tow truck driver lay prone on the ground and said a strut or something had broken, destroying two perfectly good tires. He hooked the car up to the truck and then I climbed up to the passenger seat and let me tell you that was no small feat for a man my age. In the process I pulled a muscle that runs across my midsection and was forced to endure agonizing pain for the rest of the day.
At the place where we had bought the tires one of the mechanics lay prone on the ground and said a spring had broken causing a strut to break causing two tires to be ripped open. They fixed eveything up and we parted with $647. That included two new tires, one of them replacing the original spare that in its lifetime traveled exactly 15 feet while in contact with the ground.
So that's why I haven't written a blog for a few days. And yes, the DSL is working just fine as long as the modem isn't turned off. That means a summer of hoping there isn't any lightning in the area that might knock out the power. Or that another spring doesn't break causing a strut to break causing two tires to be ripped open causing me to strain a muscle in my midsection and causing us to part with $647 . . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! You have been running this blog via dial up. You are to be commended.

8:20 PM  

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