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Thursday, April 19, 2007

I'm Movin' On Up

For a while there I was gettin' these e-mails from plain old folks in Nigeria and Liberia and a bunch of countries I never heard of and every one of 'em wanted to give me money. It was kind of amazin' how many poor souls were being wiped out in car wrecks in these places and not one of 'em had thought about makin' a will before the big event. That bein' the case, another kind soul decided all their earthly goods, meanin' money, should go to me.
Here of late, though, instead of plain old folks the messages have come from pretty important people like Abdulahi Dieng, esquire. Now we all know that a man entitled to have esquire after his name has to be honest and upstanding and probably is a lawyer.
Then there was one from Reverend Paul Orgor who flat out said he is doin' God's work and what kind of a person could ignore someone like that?
But the latest came from no less than Princess Victoria herself. I don't recall offhand exactly what country she happens to be a princess of but it was one I'm not overly familiar with.
Now I can't help but wonder if next I'll be hearin' from the Queen or maybe even the King. Like I said before, the thing about these e-mails that make you feel warm inside is that every one of these kind and generous folks want to give me money. There's nothin' much to it, either. All I gotta do is send 'em a little of my own cash to show my good faith and maybe supply 'em with my Social Security number and a little information on my bank account so they'll know where to send those big sums just waitin' for my reply.
There's people out there that don't place much stock in this sorta stuff, though. People lackin' trust in their fellow man. Like this old lady in an Akron suburb who was notified she had won the Jamaican Lottery and sent a little of that good-faith money. And then a little bit more and a little more after that until she was out $20,000. Now a person of faith who sees the good in people and admires the trustworthiness of his fellow humans would know she was right on the verge of collectin' serious money if she had gone ahead and made just one more payment instead of callin' the cops. Well, like they say, that's the way it goes.
The really heart warmin' thing about all these kind folks with money to send out is that they always seem to want to send it to old people. Now if knowin' there are people like that in this world doesn't bring warmth to your heart I just don't know what it would take.


Blogger shelagh said...

We must be related Dick! I get the same people wanting to give me their hard-earned cash. Seems like I am not their last surviving relative after all!

I've just returned from a trip to Scotland, where I played golf that was well below par -- but not literally, unfortunately!

I gave myself a severe talking to between rounds of golf and promised myself that I would finish rewriting the Power of Persuasion asap, so I won't be spending as much time on the 'net but I will keep in touch and you can drop me a line anytime.

My short story, Leo's Daughter: Mistress of the Web, was published in Universe Pathways -- a Greek sci-fi and fantasy magazine. The story is in Issue 5 of the English version of the magazine. A preview can be seen here:

My story is on page 167.

Take care,

1:08 PM  

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