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At the age of 18 I was a 4th Infantry Division rifleman in the invasion of Normandy, then later was called back for the Korean War. Put in a couple of years as a Pinkerton detective. Much of my life was spent as a newspaper reporter, sports writer and daily columnist. Published three books on high school sports in Ohio and Indiana. I write mystery fiction for Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and others. Three books, Normandy 1944 - A Young Rifleman's War, The Hoosier Hot Shots, and From Devout Catholic to Communist Agitator are now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other booksellers. So are four collections of short mysteries: Jack Eddy Stories Volumes 1 and 2, Midland Murders, and The Rough Old Stuff From Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine.

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Got those dial-up blues and I'm feeling low as a man can be,
Ten more days before there'll be some relief for me,
Can't call up my picture to display my forlorn face,
Can't have no fun with this slowed down dial-up pace.
Call up my website, then sit here waitin' half a day,
Try lookin' up somethin' but it won't come up no way,
So I've got the dial-up blues and DSL was just as bad,
Now all I can do is sit here moanin' and feelin' sad.
So don't look for no blogs 'cause there won't be none to see,
Guess I'll just shut this thing down and maybe go have a pee.


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