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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lou Dobbs - the Watchdog Exposing Infamous Events

Are you outraged by the granting of immunity to a Mexican drug smuggler so he would testify against two Border Patrol agents? I sure am. Or maybe outraged should be replaced by dumbfounded. I mean come on, did you ever think you would see the day when a United States prosecutor would do something like that? And obviously with the approval of the attorney general and apparently the White House.
The story just gets worse all the time. A couple of Homeland Security spokesmen admitted lying to Congress about the case. Three jurors say they were coerced into voting for a guilty verdict. The federal judge denied bail while the case is being appealed although this is done routinely. The two agents are in prison with men they helped send there. One was severely beaten by other inmates.
No, outraged was the correct word. Watch Lou Dobbs on CNN at 6 p.m. EST. He seems to be the only one speaking out on this travesty of justice.
Then there is the Bank of America's program granting credit cards to illegal aliens. When it comes to grubbing for money can you top that? Only Lou Dobbs seems interested in talking about it.
Or how about the National Football League, the revered NFL, refusing to accept a Border Patrol ad for its Super Bowl program. The Border Patrol is trying to recruit agents. The NBA and the NCAA have accepted the ads, the latter for its Final Four program next month.
The NFL says it doesn't want to get involved in controversial issues. Why is it controversial other than that the NFL is trying to increase revenue by attracting Mexican fans? The NFL did not object, however, to having federal agencies involved in the security for the Super Bowl nor did it object to having U.S. military jets stage a flyover at the game. Hypocrisy gone wild. Only Lou Dobbs seems to care.
And then there are the hush-hush proceedings in which the Bush Gang is attempting to have open borders with Canada and Mexico. Who would benefit from that? Not the United States. Not Canada. No one seems interested in talking about it except Lou Dobbs.
The list goes on and on. I don't agree with Dobbs on every issue but I sure do on most of them. If you don't already watch his show, tune in and find out what's really going on right under our noses. I'd suggest having a supply of nails to chew on while you see what's being done in this country and to this country.


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