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Monday, January 29, 2007

Laws - Why Bother with Them?

An old law came to mind this morning, one I read about a few years ago when it was still on the books in some remote state. It stated that if you were driving along a road in an automobile and met a horse-drawn wagon or buggy coming toward you the thing you had to do was stop your car, dismantle it and place the pieces in the side ditch. When the horse was safely past you could reassemble the car and go on your way again until you met another horse.
Now to say that this would be one helluva inconvenience is an understatement of monumental proportions. What would you do first? Take off the doors, I suppose, and maybe the hood and trunk lid. I don't even want to think about the rest of the steps.
Even a hundred years ago when cars had a lot fewer parts it would have been a terrific imposition. Imagine it, you invite your best girl out for a ride and you are cruising along humming "Come away with me Lucille in my merry Oldsmobile" when a horse appears up ahead. I guess you'd say, "Excuse me, my dear, would you please get out for a moment while I dismantle the car and place it in the ditch."
Yeah, sure you would.
I'll bet that law wasn't obeyed even one single time. A lot of laws aren't obeyed. Take those federal laws covering illegal aliens. For the most part they are neither obeyed nor enforced and the Democrats want to pretty much do away with them. Aside from the Idiot in Chief most Republicans disagree and I'm with them all the way on this.
But suppose you do try to enforce them the way those two Border Patrol agents did when they confronted an illegal alien smuggling drugs into this country. In a scuffle he was shot in the leg. So a federal prosecutor in Texas granted the drug smuggler immunity so he could testify against the Border Patrol agents who were doing their duty. They are now in prison.
Does that make sense? Even less than dismantling your car and placing it in the side ditch.
Check it out on the Lou Dobbs show on CNN.


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