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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Annoyances of Growing Older

Yes, there are annoyances that go with being 81 and nearly all of them concern health. For the most part they are not major issues, just little things that come at you like bullets from a German high speed machine gun when you are trying to run across an open field. In other words they never stop.
The diabolic part of all this is that no sooner do you get one thing cleared up when another one strikes. The backache . . . ah, at last it has gone away and now . . . oops, here comes a kidney infection. And on and on to the point of ad nauseum. I'm not completely sure what that means but it sounds impressive. It sounds like being 81, it sounds like something you can't do a darn thing about, it sounds like me.
So what do you do about all this? You work. Keeping busy is the best medicine of all. And you complain, of course. Not that anyone really listens. Jackie has heard it all before so she nods her head and goes, "Ummm." In English that means, "Shut up and go away." I tell her that all I want is a little sympathy and she says that's exactly what I'm getting, with the emphasis on little.
Complaining to the hamsters does no good at all. You could get as much satisfaction by complaining to the stove or the refrigerator. Joey and Mr. Zip-Zip just yawn, stretch and go into their "have you got a treat for me?" routine. I usually give them one. No need for all three of us to be unhappy.
So far be it from me to complain to the world in general. Far be it from me to tell anyone else of my troubles. Far be it from me to do anything other than fall back on the best cure of all - get back to work. While suffering in silence, of course. Well, maybe not complete silence. Where's the fun in that?


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