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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bore Sunday is Here Again

Hey, I just realized this is Super Bore Sunday. I know that because it was mentioned in the Muncie newspaper I was reading this morning. As a result I even know one of the teams that will be playing because it's from Indianapolis, a town just down the road a piece from Muncie.
Now don't get the idea I know nothing about the Super Bore because I do. I even watched one once. I believe it was 1969 and I had seen a news show in which Joe Namath said his team would win even though everybody else said his team would lose.
So I tuned in and watched and Joe was right. His team, whose name I forget, beat the other team, whose name I also forget, so all the experts were wrong. Now how could that be?
I wrote about all that once before. I know time flies but can it really have been a year ago?
But that story I read in the Muncie paper really wasn't about the Super Bore game itself. It was about people who watch just to see the commercials. Now what kind of a person would do that even though a 30-second Super Bore commercial costs $2.6 million? Do these people tune into Law & Order reruns merely to see an AARP or Head-On commercial for the thousandth time? Can't they get enough of the Aflack duck or the Geico gecko or whatever that little guy's name is?
So some people turn on the TV to watch the Super Bore game and others just so they can see the commercials. Either way they are gluttons for punishment - three hours or so to watch a sixty minute football game plus a lot of ads. Score a touchdown, run a bunch of commercials. Kick off, run a bunch of commercials. Run three plays, punt and run a bunch of commercials.
I just can't understand it. Well, I guess it's their business if they want to waste a few hours of their lives that way. Myself, if I decide to watch something this evening it will be Law & Order reruns. Surely I can't be the only one.


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