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Sunday, February 11, 2007

What Sacrifices Are We Asked to Make in This War?

Aside from the men and women in service, their families and friends, exactly what sacrifices have Americans made or been asked to make for the war in Iraq? Or the one in Afghanistan?
The question arose after Jackie listened to an old "Lum and Abner" audio tape. If you don't recall, that was a popular 15-minute radio show before, during and after World War II. They were a pair of humorous, downhome gents who operated the "Jot 'em Down Store."
In a wartime broadcast they asked listeners to contribute all sort of things found around most houses. A copper kettle, for example, would make 84 rounds of ammunition for an automatic rifle. They went on to name other household articles and a great many people did contribute items to the war effort. Then there were the contributions that were demanded.
What about today? By comparison, consider some of those WWII contributions.
Are we told we can have only four gallons of gasoline per week? NO.
Have we been told that tires will not be available for the duration? NO.
Has a national 35-mile-per-hour speed limit been imposed to save gas? NO.
Has auto racing been outlawed for the above reasons? NO.
Are many articles of clothing rationed for the duration? NO.
Are numerous foods rationed, if you can even find them? NO.
Have we been asked to observe Meatless Tuesday? NO.
Are we asked to buy War Bonds to help finance the cost of war? NO.
Have millions of men been drafted so that the burden is somewhat shared? NO.
Do we even have a draft for this war or wars? NO.
So what exactly are we asked to do or ordered to do? NOTHING.
Oh, some people place magnetic yellow ribbons on the back of their cars. Some fly a flag in front of their house. Some talk a good war - they call themselves hawks but rarely do any of them pick up a rifle.
And some . . . well, I can't think of anything else. So the entire burden falls on those who have enlisted, their families and friends. There doesn't seem to be enough of them so quite a few get their tours extended in war zones. Not enough men are visiting recruiting offices so they are thinking about allowing convicted felons to enlist. They are considering allowing foreigners to join the U.S. military so the rest of us can go on our merry way.
Sacrifice? Who, us? Maybe that's why so few people seem to give a hoot.
To me it seems like a helluva way to fight a war.


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