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Thursday, August 13, 2009

In one of his more lucid moments my brother-in-law Mike Taylor, whose brain was fried by too many years spent under the Florida sun, sent me the cruel and uncalled-for photo at the right.
Far be it from me to criticize someone, but Mike's idea of a gourmet meal is biscuits and gravy at a Golden Corral. He always carries a camera so he can catch people unaware and take a candid shot when their mouth is agape or something is hanging from one nostril.
How it ever came about baffles me, but Mike has a lovely wife named Annette who comes from close by here in the Western Reserve Territory. He also has a nice sister and a fine brother so what happened with Mike is just one more puzzle.
We met under strange circumstances. He and Jackie were in a car and she was telling him about the wonderful man she had met. I happened to be walking from one bar to another at the time so she said, "There he is now."
I have always made a point of emphasizing the fact that I was walking, not staggering as Mike likes to claim. It happens that I just have a poor sense of balance.
Because of his relationship with Jackie I have decided against taking legal action over this defaming picture. The time will come, though, when a suitable response leaps to mind.


Anonymous Chet Headley said...

Dick, 24 Aug 09

The picture accompanying your article looks very familiar; I think it’s a picture of me in typing class at Falls High. Of course I don’t look quite that handsome these days.


8:35 PM  

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