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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I didn't need another reason not to buy a GM car

I've been stung three times by General Motors and crossed the company off my list long ago. Hard as it is for me to believe, they have come up with yet another reason to ignore their plaintive cries that now they are making really good cars. It's far too late for me to dance to that tune.
The capper came in the news today and it is so GM. They said they will not participate in the effort to properly dispose of mercury switches in the old beaters turned in on the Cash for Clunkers program. Why won't they take part? Because the cars with those mercury switches were made by the old GM before the firm filed for bankruptcy. In the company's perverted way of thinking the new GM that has been given every break possible by taxpayers isn't obligated to pay for the crap made by old GM.
This, I suppose, is their way of thumbing their nose at average Americans who spent hard earned money helping to bail them out. Financial institutions have done it by paying huge bonuses to those responsible for their troubles and now GM has found a way of doing the same thing.
If the survival of GM is up to folks like me it is on its way to join Hupmobile, Hudson, Packard and so many other brands confined to the junk heap. That would be a fitting end considering the junk they sold me in the past.


Anonymous Chet Headley said...

Dick, 14 Aug 09

A little business and a little politics since they have become inseparable in the new business model:

Let’s face it; the folks that created the problems are the ones “fixing” them. How is it that the idiots running failed businesses are the ones to fix them?

Kind of reminds me of our elected Einstein’s in “Warshington” DC; they suddenly become experts on everything once they are elected to office. The only problem is their solutions are like the spandex outfits worn by some of the folks shopping at China-Mart. One size fits all only works well for one size. Of course some folks may think a sack full of cottage cheese is ravishing.


2:43 AM  

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