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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The News of the Day

It is reassuring to know the local upholders of the law are right on the job and with the help of the Feds took down another gambling operation. They must have run out of bingo games played by little old ladies because this raid caught some guys with tip books and other assorted items.
I've been waiting years for the day they raid the state government because those are the boys who operate the biggest gambling operation of all. It's called the state lottery and those who run it are brazen enough to post ads on TV urging people to join the fun. Or is this another case of being too big to fail?
I'm confused. According to the Pentagon they are hiring one of those private armies to guard the U.S. Army in Afghanistan. Something about this is unsettling. Does it mean the Army can no longer guard itself? Is it possible they have given up guard duty? I realize they no longer do KP or any of the other onerous tasks that used to be part of military life, but when private guards have to guard the Army. . .well, I'm confused.
The commercials paid for by insurance companies and conservative organizations warn that if the government has a health care program they will decide who gets treatments and procedures and who doesn't. Isn't that what insurance companies have been doing for decades?
I have two government-run health care setups, Medicare and the VA. Both seem to do a fine job, better than the policy I once had with an insurance company. About 24 percent of Americans don't want a change in health care. It's a safe bet that none of them are among the 50 or so million who don't have any. Nearly three-fourths of us don't believe the members of Congress have a clue as to what health care is all about. That's understandable because they have the best available and never give it a thought.
Considering that nothing ever gets done in Washington because whatever one party wants the other is against, why not expand Medicare to include every man, woman and child in the country, then figure how to pay for it? One way would be to get American troops out of all the places they shouldn't be.


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