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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Wonder

Why does Ralph, the Hallmark hamster at the left, show up on my screen saver every three or four minutes? There are 36 items available and some of them are seen only once a month, if that often. But Ralph pops up constantly with that quizzical look on his face. I know he's asking, "How's Sophie?" and I have to tell him she's sleeping or isn't feeling well or whatever the proper answer is at that moment.
Do other people talk to their screen savers? I assume they do if Ralph is one of the features on it. He's an inquisitive little guy.
I wonder how long the United States is going to continue pouring money down those rat holes of Iraq and Afghanistan? They cite improvement in Iraq. That means that ten or twenty years after all Americans have left, the Iraqis will be back to where they were before we invaded their country for spurious reasons.
I wonder what the real goal is in Afghanistan? I've heard reasons, none of which make sense. By the time its all over in those two countries, if it ever is, thousands of Americans and other NATO forces will have been killed and many times that number of Iraqis and Afghans will have died. By then enough money will have been spent to pay for health care for every American. The big question is: For what?
I wonder when politicians will quit asking generals what they want and what they need? Asking a general if he wants or needs more men and more equipment is like asking a 4-year-old if he wants or needs more toys.
I wonder if we will ever hear a politician who claims providing health care for everyone is too expensive say at the same time he is giving up his government provided free health care?
I wonder if Americans will ever switch from saying "Keep us safe" to "Keep everyone safe"?
I wonder about a lot of things.


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