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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Feeling sorry for GOP politicians

Sometimes it's hard not to feel sorry for Republican politicians but I usually manage to avoid it. Those fellows (GOP women have more sense) like to say their morals are better than those of the rest of us but one thing after another happens to prove them wrong.
The latest is the South Carolina governor who flew to Argentina to spend five days with his mistress. This is the same Mark Sanford who was morally outraged when other men were found with open flies. We might have thought less of the whole business if he had hopped in his car and driven to Savannah for this little get-together - but Argentina?
Then there are The Mouths. Those would be Cheney and McCain. Neither ever saw a war or a general they didn't like. Well, almost. When he had the opportunity to be in one, Dick Cheney had "other priorities." Six times. He's tough, though. He's the first to admit that. Now McCain spent time in a prisoner of war camp so he should know better. He also lost out on being president and the things he says these days make many of us more thankful than ever for that.
How about The Brylcreem Twins, John Boehner and Mike Pence? Neither has ever been seen with so much as a single hair out of place. Their districts aren't far apart so maybe it's something in the air. Or it could be their determination to always place insurance companies ahead of the general public.
That's a trait shared by most GOP folks in Washington. They keep saying 119 million Americans would lose their private health insurance if a plan is adopted so everyone shares that benefit. This despite the fact that the man who came up with that figure says it isn't so. What he said was those people might prefer a better plan run by the government so they'd bid farewell to the insurance companies. Big difference there.
Now Boehner and the other boys who spent eight years getting us into this economic mess are complaining because the Democrats haven't gotten us out of it in five months. Yes, it's hard not to feel sorry for people who think that way. Some of us manage to keep from it, though.


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