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Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's all in a name

In Muncie years ago there was a doctor named Elmer T. Cure. What better named could there be for a doctor? But wait, there's more. His middle name was Treat. Dr. Treat Cure made Ripley's "Believe it Or Not."
Some names would be less suitable. It wouldn't do much for the morale if you were heading for surgery and the job would be handled by Dr. Butcher. Savage or Cutter would be little better. I wouldn't care to be treated by a Dr. Grimm. No fun in that.
When we arrived at an emergency room following an automobile accident we were examined by a Dr. Payne. Fortunately there wasn't much of it. At another ER we encountered a Dr. Ambrosia. There's food for thought in that.
For a while, major league baseball provided a lesson in anatomy. Players were named Face, Fingers and Foot. Face should have been a plastic surgeon and Foot would have made a great podiatrist. The possibilities were limitless for Fingers. A masseur, a chiropractor, a bass fiddle player.
For a reason that escapes me, a number of men and women named Stodghill have become writers. Before the arrival of the Internet I thought I was unique. Not so. There's Ron, Paul, Tom and a few others that don't leap to mind.
The Internet is great for seeing if a name chosen for a fictional character really is that of a living person. Chances are it is no matter how outlandish the name may be. I haven't checked out Wolfgang Schmuzzbutt but he's probably there.
So names may be good or bad. No matter how much thought you put into it, finding one more suitable than Dr. Treat Cure would be difficult. I wonder if the name influenced his choice of professions? If not, it should have.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr. Robert Peacock was a urologist in Muncie.

7:13 PM  
Blogger Dick Stodghill said...

As I used to say so often, "Nowhere else but Muncie."

10:56 AM  

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