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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What happened to pride in appearance?

Oh, the pain, the suffering, the agony.
I stubbed my toe. The little one. On the left foot. I don't know who to blame, but someone is responsible. I'll just suffer in silence, tough it out and write about another severe pain in a different part of the anatomy: the way people dress today.
The photo at left shows that even at a tender age I cut a stylish figure. Those kids on Our Gang - Little Rascals if you prefer to call them that - may even have picked up a few pointers from Young Stodg.
As the years from 1930 to 1960 ticked away I was average when it came to clothes. Then, although I didn't change in what I wore, my apparel gradually became a step above that of the horde of people bent on looking disreputable.
Today, even though neither I nor my clothes have improved in appearance or style, I have become a model of what the self-respecting man will wear in public. This is because the average American male has turned into an unmitigated slob.
You don't believe that? Take a look at any photo of people on the street during the Great Depression, the war years or even the 1950s. Then go to the mall or anywhere else that you find crowds and take a serious look at the men and women passing by. I guarantee you will say, "Ohmygawd, what happened?"
Not only do people today think nothing of leaving home looking worse than any prideful 1930s tramp, some don't mind wearing clothes that are downright filthy. Pride in appearance no longer exists in America.
Some will say, "We are casual today so we dress more comfortably." If so, the word isn't casual, it's sloppy. In far too many cases it's filthy slob.
Even at the doctor's office you see patients like that. Then when you go in to see the doctor he looks like he hopped a freight to get to work and is wearing the worn out clothes of a hobo. Look at the nurses, too. Remember when they wore crisp white uniforms so you could never confuse them with the cleanup crew?
No need to even mention people attending athletic events. It's unbelievable.
Even though in the 21st century I dress much the same as ever, I have risen to the top in style and fashion. I don't know which is worse, the pain in my toe or the pain of having to look at the way people dress today.


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