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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Virus that didn't make it

Thanks to a number of people I now know the Fathers Day card purportedly from Hallmark was an attempt to infect my computer with a virus. It didn't work, thanks to one of four programs on the computer that made it impossible to open the so-called card.
Sending such things on a holiday is clever, but only a fool would waste his time doing it. That he is a fool was proved by the fact he can't spell received.
This is just one of the annoyances that go with owning a computer. Another are the messages from Princess Fruity-Tootie or a barrister in Hoo-Hoo Land needing your help with a financial transaction. A third are messages saying you must update your personal information with a bank you have never used.
Apparently there are people who fall for this stuff or they'd quit doing it. Perpetrators with enough intelligence to do this sort of thing could probably make a lot more money by getting an honest job. They would tell you that working a scam is more exciting and more fun. Many career criminals feel the say way. It isn't just the money that entices them into a life of crime.
I have always been careful about opening attachments from anyone I don't know and trust. From now on, e-cards are added to the list so don't bother sending me one.


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