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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Bailing out the automakers

The Big Three among car manufacturers aren't so big anymore. They need financial help from the government and it goes against the grain to provide it. Yet the nation depends upon the industry and all its suppliers. It has to be done. It wasn't always that way. No one came to the aid of Auburn, Hupmobile and so many others, including Jordan. Jordan? Yes, that was the name of a popular car of the 1920s. Its founder, Ned Jordan, revolutionized automobile advertising. Romance, adventure, those were the things that should be selling cars, not wheelbase and other dull, drab specifications, or so he believed. The result was "Somewhere West of Laramie" and auto advertising was never the same.
In the late 'twenties, Ned Jordan saw the coming of the Wall Street Crash. He sold his stock in the company, but the firm continued making beautiful cars at its plant in Cleveland. Then the Great Depression hit and Jordan soon was in financial hot water. No one provided aid, no one offered help so the company was forced to close its doors. Few people today realize it ever existed.


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