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Monday, October 20, 2008

Snubbed by a hamster

Sophie, the little hamster who has lived with us for about ten months, rightly feels she is one of the family and expects to be treated accordingly. When she wakes up about eight in the evening and comes down from the nest she has built on the fourth floor of her cage she expects to find the door open.
She checks to make sure everything is just as it should be, watches television for a minute or so, then comes out and strolls around the top of the table. This goes on for a while, then when she tires of it she stands by her plastic ball. When it has been turned so she can climb inside, she is ready to roll from room to room looking for places where she can get stuck and has to be rescued.
But last night she overslept. When she finally came down it was only fifteen minutes before our bedtime so the cage door was closed and locked. This annoyed her so she stared at Jackie for a minute or so. This failed to produce results so she tried it with me. Again no reaction. Angry now, she tried gnawing on the bars on the door. Even this proved futile so she went up to her second floor and turned her back on us. This is a hamster's way of showing she feels nothing but contempt for everyone present. Turn your back, that'll show 'em.
I hated to go to bed with Sophie feeling she has been badly mistreated so I tempted her with a favorite treat, a hamster yogurt drop. She continued the snub for a short time, then the desire for a treat overcame her disdain. She came over, took the yogurt drop, went down to the first floor with it and turned her back on me.
So that's the way it goes when you displease a hamster. They don't forgive what they see as poor treatment, at least not easily.This morning Sophie was ready to be her usual sweet self again. Being offered a few sunflower seeds and a raisin helped. It's a tough job, staying on a hamster's good side.


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