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Friday, October 10, 2008

How disgusting can it get?

The first rule of politics, especially presidential politics, is this: when you have nothing good to say about yourself, start slinging mud at your opponent. If the truth won't do the job, dream up some lies and then keep repeating them.
For an example of how this is done, check the McCain campaign. In recent weeks several leading publications have come right out and called him a liar. One used the word dishonorable.
Now it is full-speed-ahead time for the character-assassinating chain e-mails. Time for the candidate and his choice for VP to hurl any vicious comment they can think of because they are bereft of good things to say about themselves. They know there are ignorant people who will listen. The wise ones decide for themselves and they are the ones who find mud-slinging so reprehensible.
So will the Republican campaign of filth pay off as it did for the swift boaters and the Willie Horton folks? In a few weeks we will know. If it does work, or the race hatred works, the country will have four more years of the policies that created the current financial mess and four years of hoping a weary old man doesn't die and leave the fate of the nation in the hands of an ill-prepared vice president.
In the meantime, anyone care to discuss the economy, health care issues or the wars costing $10 billion a month?
Perhaps the filth mongers should hire some of the people sending messages telling us we can lay hands on tremendous amounts of money if we will only . . . well, everyone knows the rest. My latest came yesterday from someone purporting to be Miss Maria Buku. It began: "Hello My Sweetheart in Love, my Honey." The sender closed with, "I am waiting for for your soonest mail from your sweet lover." The amount of money waiting for me if I just write or call is $5,600,000.
Now wouldn't someone who could write that sort of tripe do well in the current campaign?
I've neglected blogging recently because of finishing up a couple of short mysteries and starting on a couple of others. That and trying to keep from gagging whenever I watch the news.


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