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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Shallow American

Every so often something happens that demonstrates the shallowness of the average American. Not that proof is needed beyond the daily listing of television shows. Half a century ago when TV was referred to as a "vast wasteland" it offered programs that were classic drama and comedy compared to much of what we are urged to view today. Drama has been reduced to car chases, explosions and shootouts while most of what passes for comedy is based on fart jokes and the utter stupidity of men.
In fairness to the tube, shootings and grisly slayings play a large role in the American way of life and far too many men would rather watch overpaid professional athletes play games intended for youths than tune into a program based on current events of importance. Both men and women spend hours watching game shows intended to demonstrate stupidity rather than intelligence (something looked upon with suspicion by the vast majority) or "reality" shows that are so far removed from reality that words can't begin to tell the story.
But now the campaign to see which unfortunate man will take charge of the mess unlike anything seen since the Great Depression has brought forth a display of sheer, mind-numbing shallowness that . . . well, words fail me. The manufacturer of the eyeglasses worn by Sarah Palin can't keep up with filling orders placed by people who want to look just like her. Now that's getting right to the heart of what is important in choosing someone to run the country.
Palin, remember, is the woman who believes that if Georgia, the tiny country that gave the world Joseph Stalin, is admitted to NATO and has further trouble with Russia then we should confront Russia militarily. Apparently the woman hasn't spent much time studying history and isn't concerned that Russia has a huge number of nuclear-armed missiles aimed at American cities.
But why should she when what is important to so many people is her choice in eyewear.
As NATO stands for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, why has the United States played the leading role in rushing to add countries far removed from the Atlantic? I think it's called playing Russian Roulette. When the possibility of blowing up the world is at stake, are five to one odds good enough to play that game?


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