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Friday, August 22, 2008

Why do women do this?

We were paid a visit by relatives recently, Joe and Cindy Hesson from Richmond, Indiana. This triggered one of Jackie's cleaning frenzies, of course. I appreciate clean surroundings as much as the next guy, but it seems the place is in pretty good shape all the time.
Not so, apparently. In the midst of her vacuuming and dusting and running from one place to another, Jackie took time to drop a dust rag beside my desk. "This is probably cleaner than the one you usually use," she said, and I'll admit she was right about that.
This was the first I realized a dust rag was going to be needed that particular morning so I said, "Who's coming?"
"You know perfectly well who's coming and you know how particular Joe is."
"What Joe are we talking about?"
"Joe Hesson, you know that."
"That's funny because the Joe I was thinking about also is named Joe Hesson. I can't recall the Joe Hesson I know being all that fussy."
"Well he is. So is Cindy."
So as Jackie went hurrying off to her next chore, I was jarred from my comfort zone. In the office I have a rule of thumb about dusting: When you no longer can tell the color of something, it's probably time to dust.Even though I could see my pipe racks were brown and all the other stuff looked normal, I went ahead and did my part. That's the trouble with cleaning frenzies; they're contagious. I don't suppose those five minutes away from work will keep me from winning a Pulitzer Prize, but you never can be certain about things like that.
I've seen a lot of propaganda dispensed during the past 70-plus years. Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels did a masterful job of it for Hitler and the Nazis. Tell the big lie, repeat it often enough and people will come to believe it. That was Goebbels stock in trade.
The American government and our news media marched in lockstep to blame what happened in Georgia on the Russians. They have done an excellent job of making people forget it was Georgia that started the trouble. Goebbels would be proud.
George W. Bush says he will have to "take Russia to task." He did this while on vacation in Texas. Just how he plans to do this he didn't say.
Robert Gates, secretary of defense, said there is no need for U.S. military intervention at this time. At this time?
Do Bush, Gates, John McCain and others who love to bluster somehow confuse Russia with Iraq or Afghanistan? What did they call it, shock and awe? Have they forgotten the nuclear missiles aimed at American cities? Are they foolish enough to truly believe the Russians are easily shocked or awed?
If wiser heads don't prevail and dump these people who love to posture, pose and talk like they believe a confrontation with Russia would be nothing more than another gunfight at the OK Corral, well look out. Start digging those backyard shelters that once were so popular, hold tight to your sons and husbands when it is necessary to start up the draft again, say goodbye to the way of life we have known.
Reading European newspapers makes it apparent that they are taking a more cautious approach to current events. They know from experience what war can mean. Most Americans do not. Fight them somewhere else, not here - that has gotten us by in the past. While 20 million or more were dying in World War II, we suffered about 400,000 deaths. While other countries were being destroyed, ours was not. Believing it will always remain that way could be a deadly mistake. I hope we don't make it.


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