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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

All shot up

We made our monthly trip to see Ol' Doc McLaughlin this morning and got to sit around waiting in the treatment room decorated with Cleveland Browns-Pittsburgh Steelers material. I prefer the room decked out with Harley-Davidson stuff or the one fixed up like a French cafe, but I did enjoy a baby's diaper suit hanging on the wall with the message on its front saying "Poop on Pittsburgh." Not that I don't like Pittsburgh, a great city where the Allegheny and the Monongahela meet to form the Ohio River.
Anyway, I got a flu shot to keep me healthy this winter and a testosterone shot to give me energy and last night I had a shot of gin on the rocks to put a smile on my face so for now - at least until happy hour rolls around - you could say I'm completely shot.
The remarkable thing about this visit to see the doc who likes to be called Hugh is that I was on my best behavior. No wisecracks, no one-liners, just a decorous man behaving decorously. Last time after he slammed a needle into my butt he said, "Beautiful!" so I asked him if he meant the view or his expertise with a syringe.
Jackie said something about acting my age. That's exactly what I was doing. There comes a time in life if you live long enough when you can say just about anything to anybody and get away with it. Along with that, everybody smiles at you, young ladies hurry to hold doors open for you and somebody is always asking if you could use a little help. I play the role to the hilt, milk it for all it's worth even though I can open doors for myself and never need any help.
Well, there was one thing this morning that caused the sawbones to jerk his head back in shocked surprise. After pointing out the latest skin cancer on my left hand I called the $100,000 machine he uses to remove them a "gadget." Apparently that is not a term normally used when discussing medical equipment. But what the heck, I can say anything I feel like saying because it's one of the perks you acquire with age. That's something for young squirts to look forward to.


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