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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

At last it's over

The votes haven't been counted but the seemingly endless months of campaigning are over. In many ways it seems that it has gone on for years, decades even. But now it's finished.
The question now is whether or not the tally will be accurate. In many states voting machines without a paper receipt are in use. A short segment on CNN showed how easy it is to tamper with them to change the results.
Along with deciding who will be the new president, this election may determine which tactics win, which lose. Is it talking about the issues and plans for the future or is it the slash and burn methods of the past? Does mud slinging still work or are people sick of it?
Then there is the question of time. Do we really need campaigns that go on as long as they do? In some countries there is a time limit and this might be a good time to have one in the United States. If it can't be said in six or eight weeks it probably isn't worth saying.
There also is the method of voting to consider. It seems unbelievable that in the country that preaches democracy people have to stand in line as long as two, four and even six hours to vote. Some can't do it, some won't do it.
So the system needs a major overhaul. Will it be done? Not likely because it's in the hands of the politicians and they appear to like it just the way it is.
Finally, if the current system remains in place, and it almost certainly will, shouldn't election day be a national holiday? We have them for everything else.
Oh yes, and if a single vote in Rhode Island should be worth as much as one in California isn't it time to have the popular vote determine the winner, not the antiquated electoral college?


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