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Sunday, November 09, 2008

The antics of inanimate objects

It never ceases to amaze me that some people believe inanimate objects cannot act for themselves without a bit of help from humans. The truth is, some of them act not only without help of humans but to deliberately spite them.
That's not true of the cute little fellow at the left, Hallmark's Hamster Ralph. He acts only out of consideration and concern. Skeptics will say Ralph is a mere picture, an inanimate object, and therefore cannot act at all. Then why is it, I ask, that with more than thirty photos on my screen saver - some that go unseen for weeks at a time - it is always Ralph who is looking at me when I return to the office? The answer is simple, Ralph needs to be reassured that our little Sophie is OK. I always tell him she is just fine and sleeping peacefully and then he goes away. Some cynics might question my sanity for talking to an inanimate object and I feel sorry for people like that.
Then there is wire. Take coat hangers - bent wire - for example. No matter how carefully they may be arranged and separated, when left alone for even a moment they will bunch themselves together in a tangle that defies even the smartest among us to get apart. Now just tell me those inanimate objects can't act on their own.
How about electric wires found around every computer and TV set. Place them in perfect order (it's called dressing them) and the next time you check they are in a hopeless jumble. Coincidence? Not hardly.
Or how about automobiles that utterly defy some people when they try to start them but react instantly to the mere touch of someone else? We all know folks who cannot start a chain saw, power mower or any other object lacking the power of thought, or at least lacking it according to logical people. Then someone else comes along and starts them without even a hint of problem.
So say what you will, some of us know there is no such thing as an inanimate object lacking the ability to act on its own. Anyone should be able to see that.


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