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Saturday, December 02, 2006

You Get What You Pay For? - Not Always

I never cease to be amazed by the way Warner Cable cuts off commercials before they are finished. I don't know if they do it everywhere but they do it all the time in Akron. How do they get away with it? Don't the advertizers check to see that they are getting what they pay for? Maybe they do and then Warner has to run those that were cut off again without charge. That could explain why we see some of them over and over again.
It isn't that I'm a big fan of commercials. The majority are annoying in the extreme. Especially those of pharmaceutical companies. It's just that it seems like somebody is getting ripped off and I hate rip offs.
Some commercials aren't too bad. A few are even entertaining. The Geico gekko and the Aflack duck leap to mind. I also like the ones for Tractor Supply, those with lifelike figures that never move but say humorous things in a low key manner.
Others are so bad, so irritating, that eventually they become acceptable. Around here we have a daily dose of those from Fred Martin, a car dealership with several locations. Half a dozen or so men rotate in being seen on them, but whichever ones happen to be on a given commercial they end up saying in unison: "We're the Fred Martin car guys, we know cars!" This is done while aiming an open hand at your face. The first few times they are maddening, then gradually they become almost a tradition, like eating something you hate on Thanksgiving or Christmas.
That's why I get angry when a couple of these husky characters yell, "We're the Fred Martin car guys, we know. . ." and then another commercial cuts in. It's so annoying, missing that last word even though you know what it will be. But can you be completely sure? Maybe this time they were going to know something different. Maybe they were going to know a few good places to have lunch or something else of interest.
So how does Warner Cable keep getting away with it? In fairness I should point out that they sometimes even cut off their own commercials. As I said, it's amazing. Posted by Picasa


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