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Friday, November 17, 2006

A New Beginning

As a blogger I've been a complete failure thanks to a heavy workload of writing projects - three books published this year, three short stories sold. So from now on things will be different. Short blogs written regularly, that's my new goal.
You would think that after suffering through an election - putting up with ugly yard signs, mailboxes overflowing with campaign flyers, mud-slinging Tv commercials - we'd be entitled to a lengthy break from politics. Those of us naive enough to believe such a thing were wrong. Before all the votes were even counted some politicians began announcing plans to run for president in 2008.
Well, guys and gals in Washington, I'm going to borrow a phrase from those wrestlers known as Degeneration X and say, "I've got two words for Ya: Shut Up!"
We don't want to hear it. We've had it up to here with politics. A year from now, OK. But for now the only one who wants to hear it is Wolf Blitzer. And you shut up, too, Wolf.

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