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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Trouble Comes So Easily to a Man

It's true, you know. Even the most innocent of men - a man such as myself, for example - finds that through no fault of his own he is up to his neck in trouble. More often than not this is because of a woman. Particularly a wife. Now Jackie is as fine a wife as a man could hope for, yet there are times when it's obvious she's out to pin me to the wall. Being a woman, she has the knack that all of them seem to possess for taking the most innocent actions or words of a man and make them come out far different than intended. It's a little like a fly being led step by step into the web of a spider. Before this gets me into additional trouble let me make it clear that in no way am I implying that Jackie has any of the characteristics of a hungry spider.
Now about that trouble I'm already in. I sometimes check out the PublishAmerica message board. When a person posts a message, his or her picture accompanies it. Today, as I was innocently reading a post, Jackie came into the room and said, "Why is it that every time I come in here you're looking at the picture of a woman?"
"I'm not," I explained. "This is a message board and there are pictures with the messages."
"But you're always reading a message from a woman and looking at her picture. Are women the only ones that post messages?"
"Of course not. There are just as many men on the board as women."
"Then why is it that every time I come in you're looking at a woman?"
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