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Monday, November 20, 2006

The Book is Doing Well, So Thank You

The book Normandy 1944 - A Young Rifleman's War has been selling quite well and a good share of its success is due to the efforts of a few special writers at PublishAmerica. They took it upon themselves to promote the book in every way possible and it's surprising how much they have been able to do.
In addition, there have been five very good reviews written and posted on Amazon as well as three fine reviews in newspapers. On top of that, PublishAmerica has named it Book of the Week for the next seven days.
So what has been the result? Amazon lists 26,111 titles under the heading of Normandy. These are books from every major publisher in the world, many of them written by the most eminent of military writers including men such as John Keegan, Max Hastings and the late Stephen Ambrose, author of Band of Brothers. So as of today, Normandy 1944 ranks tenth. Not bad, making the top ten in a field of 26,111. I'm grateful for all the support.


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