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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Too Busy to Blog

If neglecting a blog were a crime, I'd have to plead guilty as charged. Well over a week has gone by since my last, but I have an excuse - too many other things took priority over blogging. First of all was my web site, which I have been updating. Then a short story to polish up before submitting to Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. There's also a book in the late stages of being published and that requires some attention. Then there was helping my wife get her computer set up and running.
But there were unnecessary time-killers, too. Posting irate comments on an Israeli newspaper, for example. I'm outraged over Israel's overreaction to the kidnapping of two of its soldiers by Hezbollah. Far too many innocent men, women and children who had nothing whatsoever to do with either the kidnapping or the organization have been killed, grieviously wounded or seen their homes and business places destroyed. Animals, too, because they are always the helpless victims of man's stupidity.
I have always been a firm supporter of Israel, albeit from a distance, but no more. In my opinion it now ranks as a terrorist nation. I have witnessed a great deal of needless slaughter in war, some of it far worse than what is happening now, and yet this is just as evil, just as inhumane.
The entire Middle East has become a nightmare of intrigue, religious zealotry and senseless bloodshed. It has all the needed ingredients for a third world war. The first, remember, began with a neighborhood conflict between Serbia and Austria, two minor players in what transpired. Where is the strong leadership that can prevent it from happening again? Not in this country, certainly. Not anywhere that is evident. And what is it all about? Religious beliefs, the cause of so much of the violence throughout history. Is that what religion is supposed to be about? Apparently so, although it would seem otherwise.

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