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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Read it and Weep For This Country

The message at the left was on the front page of the latest issue of The Ivy Leaves, the official publication of the National Fourth Infantry (Ivy) Division Association. That's the division that captured Saddam Hussein and had the first American troops at the scene when Al-Zarqawi was mortally wounded this month. It's in Iraq for the second time. Among other duties it guards theGreen Zone in Baghdad.
In the past the division spent six years of fighting in Vietnam and was the first to land from the sea on D-Day in Normandy, then fought through five bitter campaigns. It took part in all the major battles involving Americans during World War I. So now it's going to hold its 88th annual reunion next month in Orlando and men and women of this famed Regular Army division are having to cope with people who aren't coherent in the language of the land. How far, I wonder, are the politicians going to go in catering to Hispanics at the expense of Americans, including those who at great risk to themselves have done so much to preserve the freedoms and privileges we enjoy? We are enjoying fewer of them all the time, of course.
Another question to ponder is why a company like Sheraton would have people who are not fluent in English manning its phones? Recently I had to make a phone call to a large corporation and found myself talking to a pleasant young lady. The problem was I could only understand about every fifth word she said.
I'm sure I'm not alone in being sick of it and getting more sick of it every day. I have no tolerance for them any more, none whatsoever. And I'm sick of Republicans bent on making this country the second coming of Nazi Germany. And I'm sick of Democrats determined to cater to illegal immigrants at every opportunity. Just who is it that is speaking up for true Americans today? Who is looking out for our interests? Other than Lou Dobbs on CNN I can't think of a single person, at least not one with clout. Now we have reached the point where American infantry veterans are being confronted by the Hispanic blight. Yes, I'm sick of it and sick of them.
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