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Monday, June 12, 2006

Current Events Are Making Me Prejudiced

I have never considered myself a harborer of prejudices. A plaque noting my fairness in covering events of the black community as a reporter hangs on my office wall. I spent my formative years in a rough area of Akron's industrial east side and got along with both kids and adults from every imaginable ethnic background. During two tours in the Army I did the same.
So what is changing all that today? Hispanics that sneak across the border and then think Spanish should have equal billing with English in the United States. Parades and demonstrations demanding amnesty for illegal immigrants. The word they seem to forget is illegal. That means they are breaking the law by being in this country. This is a nation of legal immigrants but the people who have crept in from Mexico don't appear to make the distinction.
The man in the White House says the illegals do jobs that Americans won't do. That's hogwash. Make employers pay a living wage and Americans will be lining up for those jobs. Illegals expect and are getting free health care that the rest of us pay for in rising costs. They are placing a tremendous burden on public school systems in many states and Americans must pay for that too. So in effect the illegals are lowering the standard of living for our middle class.
Immigrants by the millions have come here from all corners of the earth. My maternal great-grandfather and his wife came over from Ireland and on the paternal side from Germany. They didn't expect those already here to place Gaelic and German on equal footing with English. Neither have all those from Italy, Poland, France, Russia, China and just about any other country you can name. The first generation folks struggled to get by with the language of their new homeland but the second generation had it down pat. So why can't Hispanics do the same? Many who gained citizenship the right way have done so, of course, and it seems they aren't too pleased with the illegals themselves. Unless they learn the language no one can hope to prosper in this country. But the illegals want equal billing for Spanish or even to see it become the first language of America. If the politicians in Washington keep on doing what they have been doing the Hispanics will have their way and will be the majority in this county in fifty years. Then they will be in complete control.
There are a couple of Spanish speaking TV stations on Warner Cable but you won't find one where they speak any other foreign language. Some advertisers have started running Spanish text in their commercials and I won't buy their products in the future. Advil's off my list even though our doctor recommended it for sinus headaches.
The lone ray of hope is that the demonstrators and marchers and their sympathizers are creating a backlash that one of these days will make life unbearable for the illegals. When that day comes a great many people who wish them only the worst will be happy to tell them goodbye - in Spanish.
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