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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Does Being Cold in the Summer Make Sense?

The older I get the more puzzling some things become. Things like why I have to wear a sweater around home in the summer but not in the winter. Or why I have to wear the same jacket while eating in a restaurant during the summer that I do in the winter. In thinking about it, though, I realize it isn't puzzling at all. The same people that set the thermostat at 75 during the winter drop it down to 60 in the summer. But why? Air-conditioning is fine when it's used properly but too many people think the idea is to keep a room frigid in warm weather. There's nothing wrong with being hot sometimes and cold sometimes but they really should be experienced during the proper season.

Another thing I can't understand is why some people - most of them women - think there is something shameful about looking their age. There is an especially annoying commercial running on TV lately in which a woman with maddening mannerisms and a shark-like smile asks how old you think she is, then gives a few clues and ends up saying, "I'll never tell." My guess would be 57. Those who believe they can fool other people into thinking they're younger than the case may be are merely kidding themselves. But why would they want to appear younger? That's what I can't comprehend. Something else that irritates me is hearing someone say, "I'm 60 years young." A different woman does that in another commercial. I feel sorry for people like those two pathetic delusionists.

Then there are those automobile commercials that emphasize speed. Cadillac is the worst but a few others are guilty as well. Is that the best they can say about their cars? Apparently they are trying to appeal to young fools that have no regard for safety and fuel economy. And older fools that don't want to act their age. That provides them with a large audience, of course.

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