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Monday, September 07, 2009

How to win friends and influence people

What were they thinking? Did the American soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division feel it was OK to invade a hospital, tie up staff, kick in doors, force patients to get out of bed, walk into a ward where female patients were being treated? The latter act was a blatant disregard for local customs. Who ordered this? Is the military taking disciplinary action?
The hospital in Afghanistan is run by a Swedish charitable organization. As they left, the soldiers told the staff to report to them if any members of the Taliban showed up for treatment. The American military would decide if they should be cared for or not. The staff refused. They care for all.
What? We now decide whether or not to treat enemy wounded? We say no, let them suffer? No army from a civilized nation has behaved that way during my lifetime and long before that. How many times have I seen a white flag waved so both sides could pick up their wounded? How many times have I seen an American aid man treat an enemy soldier before litter bearers carried him back to the battalion aid station? We don't do that any more? Instead we invade hospitals?
There is no excuse for such uncivilized behavior. Conditions don't matter, the practices of the enemy don't matter. You represent a civilized nation so you behave in a civilized manner even if you have no personal feelings of humanity toward your fellow man.
Why are we even in Afghanistan? Wasn't it to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden? That was eight years ago.
Or am I wrong about all this? Has the nation changed so much that we don't want to provide health care for our less fortunate but are willing to spend billions on wars in remote countries? What happened? How did America become this way?
In Germany's Hurtgen Forest there is a small monument erected by men in another regiment of my division. It is in honor of an enemy lieutenant. He walked into what he knew was a minefield to try to aid a wounded American. He died in the attempt. Was that an old-fashioned way to look upon an enemy? I hope not.


Anonymous Chet Headley said...

Dick, 07 Sep 09

Don’t think you’re wrong Dick. This country is no longer the country you and I grew up in.

Things change with time, so what’s changed? Lots of things, much of which is not for the better: gratuitous sex and violence on TV and in Movies. Rampant pornography, violent and filthy lyrics from the recording “stars” and the industry they help pilfer millions from impressionable children, and adults who should know better. The wide spread abuse of legal drugs as well as the epidemic abuse of illegal substances. Greedy corporate executives whose only claim to fame is how much money they can take from the company treasury. Greedy lawyers who file junk lawsuits for the sole purpose of enriching themselves. I could go on and on. We are paying a heavy price for our “permissive” society.

In your article “Thoughts on being 84” you stated: “The world being what it is today, I wouldn’t want to be a day younger than I am.” I haven’t reached 84 as yet but I am, like you, glad I’m as old as I am.

Take care,


2:52 PM  

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