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Monday, April 27, 2009

Silly People - Too Much News

It has been oppressively hot the past few days so I had no intention of writing a blog. Watching the noon news on TV changed my mind. It also made me wonder why so many Americans are frightened of everything today. Perhaps it is because there is too much news on TV and the Internet.
The big scare right now is swine flu. People are actually wondering what President Obama intends doing about it.
We have reached the point, have we, where we believe the president needs to take immediate action over an illness?
When I was a kid, polio was a far bigger threat than swine flu. People too young to remember those days probably can't comprehend the magnitude of the concern and justifiable fear. Everyone knew President Roosevelt had been stricken with polio when he was a young man. It left him crippled. Did Americans turn to him to solve the polio problem? Even kids my age would have laughed at the suggestion.
Then some woman who finished second in a beauty contest claims she would have won had she not said she was opposed to gay marriage. Why was she even asked? When did beauty contestants start thinking about anything more than themselves and how they look? It has become a big deal. Does any sensible person care what she thinks or says?
Next came Somali pirates. They have captured scores of ships without anyone putting up a fight. Half a dozen ragtag men just climb aboard and take over. When some are captured they are turned loose to do it again.
In the latest incident Israeli guards on an Italian cruise ship did fight back and drove them off. Ship owners say they don't have armed men aboard because some countries won't allow them in their ports if they do. So just tell them, "No guns, then no more ships will arrive."
Many of these incidents take place so far out to sea that the pirates in tiny craft are operating from a mother ship or ships. With all the modern technology, is it possible that no one can find these mother ships and sink them? Knowing the ports they come from, why aren't they raided? The French did it a few weeks ago to rescue one of their ships. Pirates are the worst sort of criminals. It is amazing that so little is being done about them.
I just don't understand people today. They worry about what some silly beauty contestant says, turn their back on pirates, call on the president to keep us safe from swine flu. Whatever happened to perspective and common sense?


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