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Friday, April 24, 2009

No Inflation, Huh?

The economists who know about such things say inflation is under control. Doesn't even exist, or so they tell us. They cite wholesale food prices as one example of everything being rosy and stable. Maybe it's time they got out from behind their desks, went to a grocery and checked retail prices.
At our nearby friendly supermarket this morning, a plain old loaf of bread was four bucks. The sliced corned beef that was $6.99 is now $7.99. The bulk candy - I like those little round things with Goetz printed on the label - just jumped from $2.49 to $3.00 a pound.
But there's no cause for concern. Inflation is under control.
Yesterday I stopped at the drug store. I used to go to a tavern for an eye-opener. Now it's the grocery or drug store. The 32 pipe cleaners that cost a quarter not too long ago went up to 67 cents and I complained. Now the price for the same pipe cleaners is $2.19. That's the discount price.
There's no inflation, though. The economists tell us so.
Then there's pipe tobacco. In recent years a 16-ounce pack of the kind I smoke went from $7 to $16. Then the first of this month the government slapped a $4 tax on it. The purpose is twofold: it will pay for children's health care and encourage people to kick the habit. Let's say we all quit, then what the hell happens to children's health care?
The United States government taught me to smoke. During the many months I was in combat they gave me free cigarettes. Then in the 1960s they announced it was bad for your health. Big discovery. As far back as 1915 they referred to cigarettes as coffin nails.
It infuriates me when someone says I should give up smoking a pipe. It's dangerous, they say. So is riding in a car or gulping fast food and dozens of other things. I enjoy the pipes so someday they'll have to pry one out of my dead mouth. Why should I give up a pleasure? So I can live a little longer and make it to a nursing home?
When after a heart attack the medics told my friend Ross Spencer he had to give up smoking and drinking he told them, "I'd rather live one day my way than 10 years your way." My sentiments exactly. Besides, if I give up smoking pipes, who's going to pay for children's health care? With inflation under control, I suppose everyone else can afford to.


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