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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Taxes: Are They All Bad?

Some right-wingers are upset about paying taxes. OK, let's do away with them.
Be on the lookout, though, for axle-breaking potholes when you're driving your car. Don't cross a bridge because it might fall out from under you. Take special care not to have an accident because there won't be any paramedics coming to help you, just an ambulance with a driver who doesn't even know how to apply a band aid. That's the way it used to be. If someone is injured seriously don't look for a medical helicopter to fly the victim to a major trauma facility. It won't be coming.
We could get by without cops or fire fighters, couldn't we? Just don't let your house catch fire or get held up. Beside, those things only happen to other people.
As for schools, who needs 'em? People could get together and build a one-room school so the neighborhood kids could learn their ABC's. A family could provide room and board for the teacher for a month, then she could move down the street to another house for a month. Hey, it used to work, didn't it?
Think of the tax money that could be saved by shutting down the state universities. If some kid wants to go to college, let the parents send him to Harvard or Princeton. There was a time when it was that way.
We could do without public transportation. If some guy needs it to get to work, let him walk or get a horse.
Public health systems? Another luxury. Let's all look out for ourselves.
Think of how much tax money could be saved by doing away with the military. What do they do anyway except fight wars in faraway places?
We could do away with the courts and just about every office at the courthouse and city hall. The same with all those federal agencies. If there's a flood or a tornado or a hurricane, well those people who were wiped out should have lived somewhere else.
So there's a start. No more taxes to pay. Sounds great, doesn't it? If not, then quit bellyaching about paying for such things.


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