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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New Glasses Coming Soon

I can see again today. Yesterday we made another trip to the VA Clinic for my annual eye exam and just about everyone knows what that means - eye drops. Actually you can see after receiving them, but everything is blurry and a thousand times too bright when you step outside.
The VA doesn't fool around when it examines your eyes. I'm always a little amazed by the number of machines and you have to go from one to the other before it's all over. I don't mind that except for the one that smacks you in one eye and then the other. I got by OK this time but last year my left eye hurt for a week after receiving a Mike Tyson-style punch.
So when it was all over the optometrist said my eyes were a little better if anything, but she ordered a pair of computer glasses for me. That came after I told her my old ones were useless while working unless I was willing to have a permanently stiff neck. Using drug store glasses was fine, she said, but prescription lenses should be even better. Just don't forget and try to drive while wearing them, she said. Not likely I told her, since I can't walk and wear glasses at the same time.
Visiting the VA Clinic is usually a little sad because some guys, both young and old, are in bad shape. I talked for a while with a Vietnam vet who gets around in one of those powered chairs they call scooters that the VA gave him. He said I should be dead because most World War II vets already are. I told him to quit rushing me.
Sometimes an ambulance arrives to cart someone away. Yesterday there were two at the same time. I always feel a little bad about that, knowing the guy being wheeled out had come in under his own power and expected to go home the same way.
You hear some bad things about certain VA facilities because the TV news people love to jump at stories like that. The Akron clinic isn't that way at all. The people who work there bend over backwards to be helpful, considerate and understanding. No one ever gets angry when some old vet is a little slow and confused or a young one gets impatient. On top of that they provide the best medical attention I have ever received. I like the free stuff they give me, too. Glasses, rollators, things like that and big books explaining why everything I've been doing all my life is wrong as far as healthy living is concerned.


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